Eco-Friendly “Hybrid” Shredders

June 5, 2012 at 10:06 am by SEM

Have you ever driven in a Hybrid vehicle? If you have, I am sure you noticed every time you come to a stop light the vehicle feels like it has turned off. This is a feature that allows the driver to save gas and it also decreases the emissions, making the vehicle more Environmentally Friendly.

Believe it or not this same concept is available in the Information Security market! In a world that is attempting to “Go Green” whenever possible, conserving energy is a major priority. This is why SEM now offers a heavy duty NSA Approved Paper Shredder / Optical Media Shredder Bundle that is Environmentally Friendly – the Model 1201CC & Model 0202 OMD.

SEM Model 1201CC

This NSA Approved Paper Shredder has a few eco-friendly features. Very much like a Hybrid Vehicle, the 1201CC has zero power consumption while it is in standby mode. This is an important feature because after most people use a shredder, they typically walk away without turning the unit off. Instead of using power and wasting electricity, the 1201CC will go into standby after 10 minutes of not being used and will not consume any power. Also – the Model 1201CC does not require shredding oil which is very unique. This shredder was specially designed to have a natural lubricant in the cutting head. This allows you to shred in high volumes and never have to worry about lubricating the cutting head, changing the oil bottle or even purchasing oil!


  • Sheet Capacity Range Up to 18 Sheets * per pass
  • NSA/CSS One Hr Durability Rating 18 reams (90 Pounds) when feeding 6 Sheets
  • DIN Security Levels DIN 32757 ( Level 6 ), DIN 66399 ( Level P-7)
  • Speed 36 FPM • Shred Size 1 mm x 4 mm • Waste Collection 30 Gallon Bin
  • Power/ Horsepower 115V -60Hz/1.50 Hp (230/220V-50Hz Available)
  • Feed Opening 12.40”
  • Dimensions (W x D x H) / Weight 20” x 20” x 34 / 192 Lbs
  • Warranty 1 yr Parts / cutting head, 90 day Labor

SEM Model 0202 OMD

The other half of this bundle is the Model 0202 OMD NSA Approved Optical Media Shredder. This model is an eco-friendly product as well because like the 1201CC, the Model 0202 has zero power consumption while in standby mode. This machine is unique because instead of having a bottle of oil hang off the side, this unit simply uses vegetable oil based “environmentally friendly” lubrication sheets!


  • CD/ DVD Capacity Up to 2,400 CD / DVD Discs per Hr
  • NSA/CSS 04-02 Rating 2,400 Discs per hr
  • Shred Size 2.0 mm x 3.9 mm
  • Waste Collection 15 Gallon Waste Collection Bin
  • Horsepower 1 Hp
  • Electrical Dual Voltage ~ Auto Sync: 110-120V/60Hz or 220-230V/50Hz
  • Feed Opening 5.5” ( Specially designed slot for Optical Discs)
  • Dimensions (W x D x H) / Weight 20” x 18” x 32” / 170 Lbs
  • Warranty 1 yr Parts / cutting head, 90 day Labor

If you are in need of NSA Approved shredders for destroying classified paper and optical media in an office environment, check out this heavy duty bundle of the 1201CC & 0202 OMD. Not only will you be satisfied, but you will earn some points with the Environmental folks as well!

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