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Destroy Every Chip

Each Chip Contains Data

Physical destruction is required for data destruction on SSD media, of which there are three methods: crushing, shredding, and disintegrating.

For low volume personally identifiable information (PII), a crusher can be used to crush one drive at a time, but for larger data centers and commercial clients, a shredder is more suitable. When working with classified materials, a disintegrated 2mm2 particle is necessary.

Crushers VS. Shredders VS. Disintegrators


SEM Model 0101

The NSA listed SEM Model 0101 delivers 12,000 pounds of force via a conical punch, causing catastrophic trauma to any and all rotational drives regardless of drive size, format, and type. When compared, the Model 0101 delivers 20% more speed and crushing power than competitor models.


SEM Model 0300 Series

The SEM Model 0300 Series is the pinnacle of SEM engineering — sleek, contained, mobile, and designed for any volume while still boasting ultimate operator health and safety with HEPA filtration and noise reduction. Destroy SSDs and more with any of the devices in the 0300 family.



SEM’s new SSD2-HS solid state disintegrator is an NSA listed,  powerhouse device that destroys solid state drives and boards to a 2mm2 final particle size, ensuring the complete destruction of any and all end-of-life SSD media, including those in casings.

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Not sure if a crusher, shredder, or disintegrator is the right choice? Click below to see all of the solutions offered for total SSD destruction.

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HDD and SSD Shredders

Not every site is working with just HDDs or SSDs — and that’s where SEM combo shredders come in. This line of shredders offers destruction capabilities for both HDDs and SSDs as well as other small eMedia in a single unit with a dual feed chute.

Small SSD Media

The SEM 0205 Series destroys Compact Flash Type 1, SD Cards, SIM chips, SOIC-8, PLCC-32, SOIC-16, TSOP48, SDs, thumb drives, flash and optical media, cell phones, and more. Once the end-of-life data has been inserted into the device, it is crushed beyond recovery by the specially crafted and designed internal rotors, including even the tiniest microchips.

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Meet Security Standards

SEM SSD solutions are the most thorough devices for physical destruction, and can be scaled from crushed chips to disintegrated 2mm2 particle.

By adhering to strict guidelines used by the U.S. Government, these solutions are also suitable for any commercial market or industry regulation.

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0101 SSD silo

SEM Model 0101 with SSD Kit

The SEM Model 0101 is the perfect low volume crusher solution. Consistently crush each drive with 12,000 pounds of force with just the push of a button.

0300 single silo shadow

SEM Model 0315 SSD Combo

The Model 0315-HDD/SSD combo unit for the destruction of rotational/magnetic drives and solid state drives has a 1.5 HP, slow speed, high torque shredder that includes two separate feed openings, one designed for rotational platter based hard drives and the other for solid state hard drives/devices.

The system uses specially designed saw tooth hook cutters to chew up the rotational hard drives at 1.50″ particle size and/or solid state hard drives and devices with a particle size of 0.375″ wide, small enough to ensure destruction of data storage chips used in all SSDs.

SSD2-HS new jan 22 silo copy


The Model SSD2-HS is specifically designed for the seamless and secure destruction of enterprise SSDs and boards, resulting in a 2mm² final particle size. This model has increased torque which allows the system to cut through multiple steel plates, carries, and other enterprise SSD components, along with cell phones, thumb drives, laptop drives, PCBs, and other memory modules.

2SSD 2019 silo

SEM Model 2SSD

The SEM Model 2SSD was engineered specifically for commercial customers needing enterprise drive destruction and produces a final particle size as small as 2mm2. Using a rugged two-stage cutting system, easily destroy larger, heavier, denser drives with heat sinks, cooling tubes, and industrial grade construction.

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Paper/Optical Shredders

SEM offers a variety of paper and optical shredders for classified and confidential information listed on the NSA Evaluated Products List (EPL), as well as industrial solutions for commercial partners to meet standards across HIPAA, FISMA, and more. Find the perfect shredder to meet your organization’s volume, speed, and size for paper, CDs, DVDs, and BDs.

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IT Solutions

SEM has a complete line of IT destruction devices that includes a variety of crushers and shredders for HDDs, SSDs, and small eMedia storage devices. The IT line also includes degaussers that are listed on the Evaluated Products List (EPL) to permanently scramble the binary field of magnetic storage devices such as HDDs and data tapes per NSA standards.

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Disintegrator Solutions

SEM designed the world’s first paper disintegrator in 1968 and we’ve been perfecting the solution ever since. SEM disintegrator systems come in a variety of value kits with endless customization options to meet any organization’s high security data destruction needs. Fully scalable from small room solutions to full warehouse destruction environments.

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Multipurpose Solutions

Not every organization is destroying one type of media – and that’s where SEM multipurpose destroyers come in. These USA manufactured devices can destroy a combination of optical media including CDs, DVDs, and BDs, small eMedia devices like flash drives, Iron Keys, and SSD chips, paper, key tape, and more.

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