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Protect Games From Fraud

Dice and Chip Circles

Dice and Chips

Routinely destroying used chips and dice is an important piece of casino security to prevent cheating and fraud. With SEM disintegrator solutions, these items can be destroyed to a predetermined and consistent particle size.

Playing Cards Circle

Playing Cards

Playing cards need to be destroyed to prevent fraud and cheating, and SEM has a solution regardless of volume. From centralized destruction disintegrator systems for high volume to compact, portable shredders for low volume, these solutions destroy to a particle size used by the U.S Government for classified materials.

Access Card Circle

Access Cards and Sensitive Data

Casinos house lots of sensitive information regarding employees, staff, and even financial records. Whether that information is on paper, HDDs, SSDs, or other media, SEM has a solution to ensure that information is completely destroyed every time.

A History of Trust

Trusted by casinos worldwide, SEM provides solutions to some of the largest players in the gaming industry.

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Scalable Solutions

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Need a couple shredders for playing cards and access cards? A full destruction room for chips, dice, and sensitive records? SEM has you covered. With in-house engineering, a global service team, and unparalleled customer support, a SEM solution includes much more than a data destruction machine: it includes the service, support, quality, and efficiency that the federal government has come to rely on for over 50 years.


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Downloadable Guides

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Media Sanitization: Best Practices for Organizations

“It takes 20 years to build a reputation and a few minutes of cyber-incident to ruin it” – Stephane Nappo.

Looking to learn more about data destruction policies across industries in the government and commercial sectors? Check out our new Media Sanitization – Best Practices for Organizations e-book.

Popular Casino Solutions

Sound Enclosure Silo 1000x1000

SEM VKE Disintegrator Systems

Easily destroy casino chips, playing cards, dice, access cards, and sensitive materials in a SEM VKE disintegrator system.

A VKE systems include the choice of a disintegrator, air system, and state-of-the-art technologies and features like a customized MX sound enclosure to reduce sound and dust during operation, a solid steel rotor designed to provide 70% more rotor mass than open rotor designs, and user-friendly master control panel.

SEM VK Disintegrator System

SEM VK Disintegrator Systems are our base kit that gives you everything you need to get up and running to destroy casino cards, chips, access cards, dice, and more.

VK systems are the perfect introduction into the world of disintegrators, including the choice of a disintegrator, air system, XL knives that provide 25% more durability than standard knives, and a solid steel rotor designed to provide 70% more rotor mass than open rotor designs.

1012VK air system-2021 silo
DS-400 2020 silo 1000x1000

SEM Model DS-400

The SEM Model DS-400 is a turnkey disintegrator that has been evaluated by NSA and meets the requirements of NSA/CSS specification for Paper Disintegrators, CDs, and Key Tape. The completely enclosed sound-proof cabinet around the 35 gallon vacuum ensures maximum noise reduction. This rugged, robust system allows the destruction of paper, optical media, key tape, flash drives, IronKeys, tape, film, and can easily destroy casino chips and metal and plastic cards.

SEM Model 7050P

The SEM Model 7050P is a high volume, cross-cut, centralized destruction shredder for commercial PII including paper, optical media, credit cards, playing cards, license plates, and more. Designed as a central location destruction solution, the SEM Model 7050P cross-cut shredder can shred up to 600 sheets of paper per pass, with a configurable final particle size.


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Paper/Optical Shredders

SEM offers a variety of paper and optical shredders for classified and confidential information listed on the NSA Evaluated Products List (EPL), as well as industrial solutions for commercial partners to meet standards across HIPAA, FISMA, and more. Find the perfect shredder to meet your organization’s volume, speed, and size for paper, CDs, DVDs, and BDs.

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IT Solutions

SEM has a complete line of IT destruction devices that includes a variety of crushers and shredders for HDDs, SSDs, and small eMedia storage devices. The IT line also includes degaussers that are listed on the Evaluated Products List (EPL) to permanently scramble the binary field of magnetic storage devices such as HDDs and data tapes per NSA standards.

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Multipurpose Solutions

Not every organization is destroying one type of media – and that’s where SEM mixed material destroyers come in. These USA manufactured mixed media devices can destroy a combination of optical media including CDs, DVDs, and BDs, small eMedia devices like flash drives, Iron Keys, and SSD chips, paper, key tape, and more.

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Disintegrator Solutions

SEM designed the world’s first paper disintegrator in 1968 and we’ve been perfecting the solution ever since. SEM disintegrator systems come in a variety of value kits with endless customization options to meet any organization’s high security data destruction needs. Fully scalable from small room solutions to full warehouse destruction environments.

Need Some Guidance?

Want to learn more about SEM casino solutions? Contact us today to have one of our specialists guide you through the process of finding the perfect customized solution for all your data destruction needs.