Destruction Services

10:42 am Heidi White

Destruction Services

Our secure hard drive destruction services facility in Westborough, MA is equipped with the same equipment used by government and military agencies involved in national security. If you have IT assets that need to be destroyed but don’t have enough volume to justify an equipment purchase, let SEM do the destruction for you.

Destruction Specifics:

All of the below destruction methods meet all major security regulations specified for end-of-life media including NIST 800-88, HIPAA, FACTA, GDPR, GLBA, SOX, PCI DSS, and CUI. In addition, magnetic hard drives (HDDs), tapes, floppy disks, and CDs are destroyed to the NSA standard for classified media.

  • Magnetic hard drives: NSA degaussed then shredded to 1.5″
  • Solid state hard drives: Shredded to  0.375″
  • Computer tape and floppy disks: NSA degaussed then shredded to 19mm
  • Smart phones and tablets: Shredded to 0.375″ (batteries and glass removed first)
  • CDs/DVDs/Blu-ray: Shredded to 5mm
  • Thumb drives: Shredded to 19mm
  • Flash drives and RAM: Shredded to 19mm

Option 1: Bring Your Drives to Us

Bring your drives on-site and witness the destruction. Simply contact us via chat below or fill out this form so we may provide you a quote and arrange for destruction services.

Option 2: EZ-Shred Cases

To simplify the process of purchasing IT destruction services, SEM has created a container system to provide hard drive shredding costs that are simple to understand and calculate.

Choose a medium or large case and we’ll send it to you. Fill it with as much media as you can fit – no sorting necessary! When you’re done, call us and we’ll arrange for pickup or return freight. We sort and inventory the contents at our secure facility and destruction is always performed by trained personnel.

We responsibly dispose of the waste adhering to the strictest environmental policies.

A certificate of destruction is generated and sent to you for one price – no hassles, no headaches.

When you need data destruction services done right, trust SEM to deliver. Contact us for more information or to arrange for a container to be shipped to you.