SEM Teamwork Through Business and Fun

October 18, 2019 at 1:46 pm by Paul Falcone
At SEM, we take teamwork seriously. From sales to service to marketing to accounting to machining and shipping, our team members work together to make sure our clients are receiving the highest quality products with the highest level of service. We embrace the work hard play hard philosophy, and that means we have a LOT of fun around the office!
Yesterday was Thai Thursday, which means Paul, Ted, Mike, and Chris (and sometimes Matt…) headed down to Pan Thai in Hopkinton to get their weekly dose of deliciousness. Sometimes other coworkers join and they’re constantly bringing food back for others who couldn’t make the trip down with them! They have the best pad thai around, seriously.
Halloween is also right around the corner. This week, our customer care, traffic, sales, and marketing departments spent some time making the office a little more festive. Some might even call it more comforting! Some team members lent their creative eye to the decorating, while others lent their height to reach those high spaces.
As we head into the end of the year, all of us here at SEM hope you enjoy the many holidays and festivities left to come. Who knows what we’ll be decorating next, maybe this will just stay up all year! Now if you’ll excuse me I have to go relax and enjoy one of the tasty beverages we whipped up that is pictured below. Until next time!
Paul falcone
Marketing Coordinator
Security Engineered Machinery