Security First! But let’s discuss your options…

March 28, 2011 at 11:58 am by artefact_admin

More and more we are seeing all sorts of efforts towards new developments and implementations of “Green Initiatives” both in the Government and in Industry.As the world shifts towards a more responsible dedication to the environment, we must, as growing markets consider the impact of our work on the globe. We will focus on the Information Security market in our discussion but the information provided and premise of environmental consciousness should be applied to our lives as a whole and not just in our work.

When evaluating your Information Security Program while keeping your institutions Green Initiative in mind there are a few things to consider.

1. Will I be purchasing equipment or using an outside service for my program?

2. If using a service, what is their commitment to the environment and are they tracking my material “Cradle to Grave”?

3. If purchasing equipment, what type of power does the equipment draw?

4. Does the equipment use consumables? If so, are these environmentally friendly items?

5. What will I do with my waste after my material has been destroyed in a secure manner?

When using an outside service for your destruction, you want to be sure that you have properly audited the facility to make sure they have their own commitment to the environment in place. Your main concern should be the level of security at which they are destroying your material but always follow up with what happens to your material after the security risk is mitigated. A reputable firm will have a commitment to 0% Landfill and most likely have an internal environmental program in place, such as being ISO 14001 Registered.

When purchasing equipment, there are many options available to you both for proprietary destruction and classified destruction. For example, in the shredder world you can purchase shredders that do not require the use of lubrication oil. There are also options out there for units featuring sleep modes, reducing energy consumption; as well as shredders that feature housing or cabinets manufactured with the majority of recycled material.

You may not know this but you can also be environmentally conscious when using Magnetic Media Degaussers even though there are no consistent consumables associated with this product. Magnetic Degaussers use a limited amount of electricity, usually to operate the conveyor portion of the unit that brings the material through the magnetic filed. However, you can also find degaussers that require no power at all and are operated by a hand crank, manually moving the material through the magnetic filed and conserving energy in the process. For your second stage destruction on your Hard Drives you may want to consider a Manual Hard Drive Crusher, again requiring no power. While keeping our focus on security as we should, it is important to mention that using or having available these devices that do not require power to operate may someday be needed in the field during a mission critical moment when time is of the essence and resources are limited.

When you have covered your security needs and believe you have found the appropriate solutions for your facility perhaps it would be beneficial to you and the world to review it one more time keeping your “Green Initiative” at the forefront of your Information Security Program.

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