Secure Credit Card Shredding with Disintegrators

June 1, 2014 at 4:53 pm by SEM

In today’s high technology environment we are seeing firsthand the damage that can be done when a credit card or credit card number gets into the wrong hands. Credit card numbers are in high demand in the identity theft world. It only takes minutes to rack up a high balance on a credit card online. Credit card manufactures hold a large responsibility in securing this information. One way is to properly destroy credit cards once they’ve reached end of life. A disintegrator is a great solution for destroying cards securely and at a high capacity.

Credit cards are made of many different materials like plastic, steel, titanium and more. They also have a magnetic strip called the topping foil that contains customer and account information. What makes a disintegrator so effective is that it can handle multiple applications with one machine. Not only will it shred the cards at a high capacity but you also have the flexibility to destroy the cards in a variety of particle sizes based on your security requirements. Many organizations today are requesting military standard destruction of credit cards. Cyber security breaches have led to a higher demand for providing better solutions to control credit card information.

Deciding what type of disintegrator is best for your organization can be a challenge. SEM Regional Representatives are available and can put together a system that works for you. A system needs to be customized for your application based on the material to be destroyed, volume of destruction, size of the particle required, warehouse space, electrical power availability and more. SEM will work with you to ensure that you have the best solution. We have experience working with several credit card manufacturers. An onsite visit is recommended so we can provide the best solution for you. Find out who your regional rep is by clicking on the link below.

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