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The National Security Agency (NSA) evaluates a variety of products used for information destruction to determine if they meet minimum requirements for high security destruction.

SEM is proud to have so many products appear on these Evaluated Products List (EPLs). The following links will bring you directly to the NSA website where you can view these lists in there entirety.

Several SEM paper shredders have been re-evaluated/re-rated and now appear on the most recent NSA/CSS 02-01 EPL. dated May 18, 2015. The most notable changes are as follows:

–  SEM Model 244/4 now rated at 17 reams feeding 8 sheets
–  SEM Model 266/4 now rated at 28 reams feeding 10 sheets
–  SEM Model 5140C/4 now rated at 24 reams feeding 10 sheets

Also included is the addition of a new High Security Paper Shredder which produces the smallest particle size evaluated by the NSA at .8 mm x 2.5 mm. This new highest security system is the SEM Model 344 which has a 1 hour durability rating of 12 reams feeding 5 sheets.

For complete details on all of the SEM Paper Shredders including the NSA Paper Shredder EPL, click here.

The SEM Model 250 is listed in this most recent NSA/CSS 04-01 EPL list of devices to destroy high security information that resides on punch tape.

As the inventor of the Disintegrator and with over 35 systems listed on the NSA/CSS EPL, SEM has the most comprehensive offering of NSA Listed systems for the destruction high security data that resides on a wide variety of media.

The SEM Model EMP1000-HS is the latest degausser to be listed in this newly released (November 2015) list by the NSA.

The most current NSA/CSS 04-02 EPL has been published effective 09-15-15. The SEM Model 0202 OMD optical media shredder is rated by the NSA at a remarkable rate of 2,400 discs per hour. The SEM Models 0200-OMD and 0200-OMD/SSD are the newest editions to SEM optical media solutions and are also listed on the EPL.

The most current listing of Hard Drive Destruction solutions (hard drive crushing devices) are listed in this newly released (6-15-16) Evaluated Products List (EPL). This NSA/CSS EPL also validates that “all shredders designed for hard drives are approved for deformation of magnetic hard drive platters.”

The most current listing of the National Security Agency/Central Security Service NSA/CSS Policy Manual 9-12 December 15, 2014 is listed here. This manual provides “guidance for sanitization of information systems (IS) storage devices for disposal or recycling in accordance with NSA/CSS Policy Statement 9-12.”

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