NOS2 – Unclassified Paper, Optical, HDD, and SSD Destruction Package, Medium Volume

The Unclassified Paper, Optical Media, HDD, and SSD Destruction Package for medium volume applications includes our Model 266P paper shredder and our Model 0101 automatic hard drive crusher with SSD kit. The 266P is quiet, portable, and capable of shredding paper, CDs, DVDs, BDs, paper clips, staples, and more. The 0101 with SSD kit is SEM’s best-selling automatic hard drive crusher that efficiently destroys both rotational hard drives and solid state boards by utilizing two different anvils. The pointed anvil pierces and deforms HDDs while the toothed pancake anvil crushes each and every chip on solid state boards. This package is the ideal solution for medium volume, Unclassified applications that require destruction of paper, optical, HDDs, and solid state media. Includes IT cart for added convenience and portability.

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Media Accepted:
NSA EPL Listed:
DIN Security Level:
Security Compliance:
Final Particle Size:
Cycle Capacity:
Hourly Throughput:
Destruction Specifications:
Special Features:
Feed Opening:
Waste Collection:
GSA Schedule:
Dimensions (HxWxD):

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Weight 6242567175 lbs