4 Gallons High Viscosity Shredder Oil

NSN: 9150-01-604-3272

Oiling your shredder prolongs the life of the unit. The high viscosity gallon oil in one gallon bottle is for use with the LK automatic oiling systems and/or built-in automatic oiling systems. Simply place the cap and straw onto the gallon plastic bottle and attach it to your oiler.

The gallon bottle acts as the reservoir. No need to pour oil into messy oil reserviors. Empty bottles are easily switched using a quick disconnect.

The great thing about this oiling system is that it does all the work for you and knows exactly when the shredder needs oiling.

Download the SDS on SEM shredder oil.


  • Bottle Size=1 gallon
  • Items Per Case=4
  • Case Shipping Weight=32 lbs.

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Weight 6242567175 lbs