11:34 am Heidi White


SEM has been supplying destruction equipment to the gaming industry for decades. Casinos throughout the USA and the world are using SEM equipment to destroy their worn and used playing cards, dice, and chips, as well as ID badges, electronic keys, and more.

Securing your gaming facility is no longer just about your perimeter. Allow SEM to assist in addressing your internal security needs. Minimize the possibility of fraud while mitigating liability and risk – choose a SEM casino and gaming destruction solution.

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  • Model 0202 Optical Media Shredder
    The Model 0202 OMD is an NSA/CSS 04-02 listed high capacity optical media shredder. It also meets DIN 66399 Level O-5 standards. The unit produces a residual particle size of 2.0mm x 3.9mm at a remarkable NSA tested 2,400...
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