Nicholas Cakounes

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Nicholas Cakounes

Executive Vice President

Nicholas Cakounes, Executive Vice President, has over 20 years of experience in the development of laboratory instrumentation and injection molded consumables.  Nick was the Director of Operations at Matrix Technologies, a medical instrument manufacturer where he oversaw all aspects of supply chain and a leader in his knowledge of MRP and ERP systems. He has also overseen manufacturing as the Vice President of Manufacturing at Fisher Scientific where he was responsible for multiple sites and over 300 employees producing laboratory consumables and lab bench instrumentation for the life science industry.

Prior to joining SEM in 2008, Nick served as Vice President of Research Development and Engineering at Thermo Fisher Scientific, where he was responsible for over 20 engineers and scientists developing biomedical plastics and electromechanical instrumentation for manipulating small volumes of liquids. He has a proven success rate developing and growing small businesses with a direct sales force structure into sustaining revenue producing business.  Nick possesses a BS in Industrial Engineering from the University of Lowell.

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