About SEM

1:18 pm Heidi White

About SEM

SEM provides comprehensive end-of-life solutions for the protection of sensitive information in government and commercial markets. SEM’s reputation as the authority in high security information sanitization was earned through over 50 years of technical innovation, intellectual curiosity, and unrelenting integrity. By fostering a supportive, team-centric environment focused on talent retention and client satisfaction, SEM is recognized as the undisputed leader in depth of expertise, industry excellence, and reliability. SEM’s government clients include the CIA, FBI, all branches of the military, DoD, and NSA. SEM is also the leading supplier of information destruction equipment to Embassies worldwide. In addition, SEM’s commercial clients include three of the top five cloud infrastructure providers worldwide as well as numerous Fortune 50 companies.

SEM provides a niche and extremely important service to cloud providers: end-of-life destruction. In-house data destruction is unequivocally the most secure method of end-of-life disposal, as sensitive data never leaves the premises or the possession of the owner, and SEM data destruction devices are the premier high security choice available on the market today.

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