Benefits of Reducing Your Shredder’s Carbon Footprint

June 23, 2017 at 1:42 pm by SEM

The US Government is committed to going green. This means reducing our environmental footprint as much as possible. Utilizing renewable resources, recycling of materials, and reduced energy consumption are at the forefront in setting forth attainable goals. Additional incentives and accolades are being provided to government agencies that meet their reduction goals.

SEM is proud to do our part in conserving the environment both as a company and by manufacturing environmentally conscious GREEN products. All SEM shredders are manufactured to automatically shut down by themselves when not in use, producing zero energy consumption. Another overlooked aspect SEM is focusing on is the oil consumption of shredders.

The revolutionary 1201CC is an NSA listed paper shredder that requires no oil — ever

We all know that high security shredders require oil to operate efficiently and to prolong the life of the cutting heads. Most high security shredder cutting heads are machined out of a single piece of steel today. Without proper oiling, they will become blocked and not cut to the proper particle size. SEM has an NSA listed cross-cut shredder that doesn’t require any oil whatsoever.

The SEM Model 1201CC is used for classified destruction and requires no oiling — ever — for the life of the machine. This not only reduces the cost of ownership, but it also reduces its carbon footprint. The average life of a well-maintained shredder is ten years. Most owners spend close to $200 on average annually on oil alone. Heavy users will spend more. The cost savings of purchasing oil for a single shredder could be over $2,000 over a ten year period.

The F65 is a high volume, oil-less shredder for SBU information

Another one of our green machines is our SEM Model F65 cross-cut shredder. This machine uses the same technology as the SEM Model 1201CC, but is utilized for SBU information — shredding a whopping 65 sheets at a time. This high volume unit will certainly save a lot of oil.

We at SEM are committed to our environment and strive to be innovators for environmentally conscience machines for the future. With SEM shredders, you can meet your green goals and save costs by doing so. But most importantly, you will be saving the environment for future generations.