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Want to see more about SEM products?

You've come to the right place. We have a great library of "ON-DEMAND" videos just waiting to be viewed.


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Hard Drive Destruction

Hard Drive Destruction

Model 0300 Hard Drive Shredder

Model 0301 Hard Drive Shredder

Model 0101 Hard Drive Crusher



EMP1000 Commercial

NSA Listed

Crusher Bundle

Paper Shredders

1201 Shredder Video

SEMPro features video


Model 1201 Shredder

SEM Shredder Features

Model 244/4 Shredder

Optical Media Destruction Products

Model 0201 OMD Optical Media Shredder

Model 0202 OMD Optical Media Destroyer

DX-CD2 Optical Media Grinders


MX sound enclosure video

1436 Disintegrator

DS video screen shot

model 200 mixed media destroyer thumbnail


Disintegrator Value Kit vs Competitor

Model 1436 - 20 lb Burn Bag

Dual Stage - 35 lb Burn Bag and Bank Box

Model 200 Mixed Media Destroyer



Briquettor Video Thumb

Briquetting System

Specialty Destruction


License Plate Shredder

Company Overview

SEM Corporate Profile video

Corporate Profile

Paper Shredder Use, Care & Maintenance

Adjusting the ECC thumb

Adjusting the

Replacing the Oil Jug

Oil Priming Procedure

Resetting the Oil Sensor

Resetting the Photo Sensor