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Shredding CDs in a standard paper shredder PROCEED WITH CAUTION

by Michael Wakefield
Shredding CDs in a standard paper shredder PROCEED WITH CAUTION




At 1st glance the idea of shredding a CD or DVD in an ordinary paper shredder doesn’t seem like a bad choice.  However, once you put it in the slot, you are suddenly bombarded with small, sharp pieces of disc into your face and all over the carpet; you wish that you had donned the safety goggles first.  There must be a smarter, cleaner and safer way to do the job.


You are right- there are a number of better options that are not nearly as hazardous or messy as the standard office shredder.  The best solution for you will depend on your volume, and the importance of the data on the discs.  For those with US Government classified or other highly sensitive information, a machine listed on the NSA list would be a must.  For personal use and lower level information, there are many other choices.


Recently, some shredder companies have been pushing their new “Combo” machines. On the surface, this concept seems to be pretty good for those who see an advantage in being able to shred CD/DVD’s and Paper with the footprint of one larger machine.  However, these units have only one cutting head; one end has a slot that handles the paper while the other end does the CD/DVD destruction. Unfortunately, this is a critical design flaw that can cost you money and downtime.  You see, without a separate cutting head for the paper and a separate one for the CD/DVD material, you run the risk of serious cutter head stress and machine damage over time. In addition, these Combo machines are fairly expensive, have only one compartment for waste-(paper/plastic contamination is not good for recycling) and when they break, you lose ALL capability till you can get someone to fix it. 


Not to fear! SEM has the perfect machine for this requirement, and our solutions won’t leave you high and dry when you need us most!


SEM’s solution to the “combo” unit is a Bundle Package that includes our 2226/CC3 High Security Shredder with integrated Auto Oiler for paper and our Model 0201 OMD Optical Media Destroyer with Auto Oiler for CD/DVDs.  Both units are NSA Approved- the 2226/CC3 can do up to 15 reams of paper an hour, and the 0201 OMD is rated a 1583 CD/DVD’s per Hour.  These machines together have a very competitive price, have a similar footprint to the Combo units, Have far greater capacity, both have auto oilers-(an extra option with the “combos”) and won’t cross-contaminate the paper and plastics, so you can recycle both particles.  However, the most important reason the bundle is the smarter move is that if one unit fails the user will still have one machine to destroy either paper or CD/DVD’s. This is a critical point to consider, especially for those who work in a classified  environment. Don’t put all your eggs in the “Combo” basket-if you want to avoid disappointment and eventual machine failure down the road.


If you just need only CD/DVD destruction and you have a high volume of classified media, the NSA Approved SEM 0201 OMD with integrated auto-oiler and anti-static bags will mutilate up to 1583 discs in only an hour! Perfect for a large office environment, where speed and security are a must!


If your need is more non-classified with a small volume of CD/DVD’s, credit cards and paper, we do have an “all in one” machine that WILL reliably do the job and is very easy on your budget as well.  The SEM 1125P/CD DOES HAVE TWO SEPARATE CUTTING HEADS and two feed openings, one for paper and one for CD/DVD and credit cards.  It also features separate collection bins for paper and plastic so you can recycle the waste.  This “all in one” machine lives up to the promise of the “Combo” units, and really performs!


Next time you think of using an office shredder to destroy a CD---PROCEED WITH CAUTION and get the right machine for the job! 







 victor Duckarmenn said:
April 27, 2011 10:41 AM
Keep this info coming- good stuff
Need an article on shredding reconstruction

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