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Hard Drive Shredders and Shred Service - Magnetic Drives

SEM offers a complete line of Hard Drive Shredders that utilize heavy duty cutters to rip drives into strips as small as 3/4".


There are 8 different models of Jackhammer Hard Drive Shredders with capacities from around 500 drives per hour up to as many as 3,500 drives per hour. Three end particle size are available: 1.5" x Random; 1.0" x Random; 0.75" x Random


All SEM Hard Drive Shredders are appropriate for Unclassified / CUI destruction of Solid State Hard Drives


If you need to destroy Solid State Hard Drives click here 


Not ready to purchase equipment just yet, try our Hard Drive Shredding Service.

Hard Drive Shredders - 1.5" Waste Particle...

Choose a wide variety of thruput capacities. All units produce a particle size of 1.5" Strips or Smaller.

Hard Drive Shredders - 1.0" Waste Particle

Choose a wide variety of thruput capacities. All units produce a particle size of 1.0" Strips or Smaller.

Hard Drive Shredders - 0.75" Waste Particle

These SEM Hard Drive Shredders produce a particle size of 0.75" Strips or Smaller. Available in a variety of thruput capacities.

Hard Drive Shredders for Magnetic Media

Our complete line of hard drive shredders including all sizes, thruput capacities and particles sizes. Click here to compare them all.

Hard Drive Shredding Service

If you have hard drive shredding requirements, but don't have enough volume, or resources to justify an equipment purchase, SEM's Hard Drive Shredding Service is the safe, secure, economical solution for you.

Hard Drive Shredders - State & Local Governments

Shred hard drives and a variety of electronic components of all shapes, sizes and configurations to unrecognizable, unreconstructable scrap.