What is the Difference Between a Security Company and an Office Dealer?

November 29, 2011 at 3:17 pm by SEM

When making the decision on whom to purchase your security products and services from, more specifically information destruction equipment and services, the task can be daunting. The security/data destruction industry is very competitive and financially lucrative, thus there are vast quantities of vendors available. The Internet has also created an influx of what could be pigeonholed as ‘generic office dealers’, selling everything and anything they can get their hands on. The question when purchasing security equipment is: Would you trust an all purpose office dealer or would you trust a vendor like SEM, an industry leader that is solely focused on information security equipment and services? Can you afford not to? Consider the consequences of a data breach to your organization if you make an oversight, it could be cataclysmically crippling to your business.
One might ask, what makes a security company like SEM different than your everyday office dealer? Let’s keep it simple and focus on three foundations that SEM proffers versus an office dealer: Equipment quality, Sales Qualification, and Support/Service before and after the sale.

  1. Equipment Quality – A designated security company like SEM has taken the time to meticulously analyze and perfect their product lineup. SEM has accomplished this quality standard through rigorous testing and performance measures for forty years! After all, our eminence depends on this to remain in business, our security reputation is everything. For instance, our high security paper shredders are custom manufactured machines engineered to meet the highest level of national security-classified document destruction. All of our high security shredders have been tested and evaluated by the National Security Agency and by SEM Direct. Does an office dealer pay as much attention to equipment quality and testing as a security company like SEM? Not a chance–in fact they usually trade so many different products it would be impracticable and too time consuming. Moreover, most office dealer’s business models stress quantity over quality to make ends.
  2. Sales Qualification – The majority of office dealers incorporate the ‘charter vessel fishing strategy’-they put as many lines in the water as possible and hope you buy something off their line card. They usually do not care about security or what you buy as long as you buy something–the name of the game is volume. Furthermore, many of their sales representatives are not enthusiastic, full-time security professionals. At SEM our sales representatives are all security professionals, dynamic members of the information security community, and highly trained on our product line. Since we are a Veteran Owned/Small Business we take the time to ensure our clients are thoroughly qualified. Our dedicated sales team travels relentlessly to develop personal relationships with all of our clients and is often involved in complex security projects. Case in point: The Federal Reserve Bank and central world banks use over 200 currency destruction systems, making SEM the largest supplier of currency destruction equipment in the world! Do you think an office dealer would be capable of something even close to this?

  3. Support/Service– Have you ever bought something from a purveyor and felt the relationship ended after the sale? How about all those times you never hear back from a company unless you are buying something? The most frustrating of them all, when you encounter a problem or need a repair–you get the run around, ending up transferred to someone in Timbuktu. The bottom line is that most office dealers do not have the resources or infrastructure to provide competent, timely service before and after the sale. When you choose to do business with a steadfast security company like SEM you are embarking on a long term and personal relationship. SEM has a devoted customer service group specifically trained on our product line, the largest inventory of spare parts and supplies in the industry, and its own engineering team. SEM also has the principal service network in the industry, our representatives are readily available for preventative maintenance and repairs. What really sets a security company like SEM apart is the personal relationships. I habitually travel to my client’s facilities and provide free startup and training on all of our products and keep checking in throughout the year.

The decision to do business with a bona fide security company is the only responsible option! You will have the confidence that your most protected assets and critical business interests are in good hands. We look forward to working with you for all of your data destruction & information security challenges

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