What is an SEM Paper Shredder Bundle?

December 10, 2013 at 3:35 pm by SEM

You hear it everywhere you look. Bundle this and bundle that. From phone companies to cable companies, even car insurance. Bundle your phone, internet and cable and you will save a ton of money. But the question is: “What is a paper shredder bundle?”

Think of the things you need to operate your shredder and keep it in good working order. You need shredder bags to capture the waste and shredder oil to keep it lubricated to operate at peak performance. Other options to consider are an extended warranties and an “at-site” preventative maintenance service. The warranty extends the factory warranty for additional period of time. The preventive maintenance is typically a yearly checkup that insures that you keep the shredder operating in tip top shape.

SEM’s “Shredder Bundles” includes a box of shredder bags, a case of oil, a 2 year extended warranty and an “at-your-site” preventative maintenance visit.

Check out our SEM Model 3130P-PB (Premium Bundle) which is our most
popular high volume, cross cut paper shredder for State and Local Governments.

The SEM Model 3130P PREMIUM BUNDLE includes our 3130P Cross-Cut Paper
Shredder which includes a Premium Supply Starter Kit consisting of a case of waste collection bags and a case of oil (8 pints of SEM high viscosity shredder oil)
to “manually oil” the shredder cutting head along with an EXTENDED WARRANTY


If you need to destroy hard drives, laptops, blackberries or any other type of electronic media, SEM has a solution to meet a wide variety of budgets. For more information on Paper Shredder Bundles please visit our website at SEM Premium Bundles or contact us directly at 800-225-9293 EXT 1048 or m.sousa@semshred.com to discuss any of your destruction needs.

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