The SEM EMP1000-HS and 0101 Hard Drive Crusher Bundle

July 10, 2017 at 3:12 pm by SEM

An affordable Degauss & Destroy Bundle 

There are many different options in the marketplace to destroy hard drives, everything from erasing software, to degaussing, to many different forms of physical destruction. So the question becomes, “What is the best/most affordable way to destroy hard drives?”

When it comes to destroying hard drives for the government most experts agree that the best and most secure method is to degauss the drive and then use some form of physical destruction.

The Solution

Below is a description of the SEM EMP1000-HS & 0101 HDD Crusher which is our most popular Degauss and Destroy option for state and local governments.

The SEM Hart Drive Data Security Bundle combines the necessary systems to implement a Degauss and Destroy solution for the removal of sensitive information from magnetic media. The system consists of the SEM Model EMP-1000HS Degausser and the SEM Model 0101 NSA Listed Automatic HDD Crusher.


The Model EMP1000-HS has been evaluated by the NSA and is listed on the NSA EPL for high security degaussers erasing data on 5,000 Oe longitudinal and perpendicular recorded disk drives and 3,000 Oe for tape media (includes LTO6 tape). The EMP1000-HS is compact and portable and can be easily transported to the location of the media for on-site erasure and de-classfication.

SEM 0101 Hard Drive Crusher

The SEM Automatic Hard Drive Crusher destroys all hard drives regardless of their size, format, or type (up to 1.85” thick), including drives found in laptop, desktop and server systems. The Model 0101 has been tested by the NSA and is listed by the NSA as the highest performing HDD punching device, making it suitable as a physical destruction solution of the DoD mandated Degauss and Destroy process.


When you need to destroy hard drives the most secure process is a two-step degauss and destroy. The SEM EMP1000-HS and 0101 Hard Drive crusher provide the most affordable and secure onsite destruction solution.

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