The SEM EMP 1000 Degausser: Innovation Meets High-Tech Degaussing Future

June 10, 2017 at 4:51 pm by SEM






Are you the type of person that likes cool gadgets and the latest technology? I don’t know about you, but if there is an easier, faster, more technologically advanced device to make my life easier then I am all in! If you fit this profile then the SEM Model EMP 1000 Degausser is the perfect hard drive sanitization solution for you with an affordable price tag.

To begin with, the SEM Model EMP 1000 Degausser is a highly proficient degausser that produces a demagnetizing field (coercive force) of 16,000 Gauss or about twice as much field strength as is required to demagnetize the highest density hard disks as of today. This means that not only will your SEM Model EMP1000 Degausser effortlessly erase your hard disk drives with a high level of confidence, but it will also be usable for a good amount of time into the future, even as disk drive technology gets denser and denser, thus requiring a higher demagnetizing field. The SEM Model EMP 1000 Degausser is a compact, portable system that can fit on a countertop and is designed to save space, be transported to the media, and also operated with ergonomic capability.

The preeminent feature of the SEM Model EMP 1000 Degausser is the multi-colored, high resolution LCD Touch Screen, combined with the Smart Logic Processor. Believe it or not these two features actually make the degausser enjoyable to operate and intuitive. The exclusive SEM LCD Touch Screen features multi-colored icons to provide visual feedback during the degaussing process as a well as a variety of service and functional operational controls. Operating the device is simple. Load the media into the media tray, close it and push the “start” button. The fast charge cycle enables the media to be erased within 10 seconds and the media tray automatically opens. Competitive Non-SEM degausser models are rather monotonous, featuring flashing light indicators and a tiny low resolution screen. They practically put you to sleep operating them due to the low stimulus and provide minimal diagnostic feedback to ensure you are actually getting the job done. The Smart Logic Processor allows for a host of device checks and assessment features to establish the electrical system and degaussing functions are operating properly. In the rare event that service is required this Smart Logic Processor is your best friend, as comprehensive system logs with stored error codes are available for the technician to easily address the problem.

The SEM Model EMP 1000 Degausser is also one of the safest degaussers available in the marketplace. For example, the unit was designed with extensive magnetic shielding, protecting the end user and other electronic instruments in the same vicinity. In addition, the automatic media tray/locking mechanism prevents the end user from accessing the degauss chamber during the cycling/erasure process. The SEM Model EMP 1000 also includes an automatic magnetic field strength sensor, which confirms each and every erasure cycle. This analytics feature is a huge advantage for operator safety. There is no need to reach into the degausser with separate and costly field test devices and which are essentially a waste of your time. (Some Non-SEM Degausser models require a separate field test device to be constantly used to measure field strength).

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