A Kind Note from the U.S. Military

November 4, 2020 at 2:37 pm by Amanda Canale

“We have (and use) three of your shredders – all are rock-solid reliable, and an invaluable part of what we do.  Indeed, we can’t do without them.”

—Don W., U.S. Military Client

A Note on Dave Carroll, Sr. Service Technician

September 21, 2020 at 2:37 pm by Amanda Canale
Dave Carroll, Sr. Service Technician

“Dave was exceptional! From the moment we met, he was very professional, friendly, and very easy to work with. We had issues with our disintegrator and Dave worked through everything to make sure we were up and running again. Dave walked me through the entire disintegrator and briquettor and he explained how everything worked in great detail. He showed me what he was doing and why. When asked if he was going to lunch, he replied that he was going to work through lunch to get us up and running — and he did! We hope that Dave is recognized by your company for his exceptional professionalism, work ethic, and commitment to getting the job done.”

—Federal Client 

A Note on Jonathan Eastridge, Field Service Manager

at 2:34 pm by Amanda Canale

“Mr. Eastridge quickly identified the issue with our disintegrator by narrowing it down to a loose wire on the starter.  He also performed a superb job of knocking out the PM, swapping out the blades, and educating our members. Thank you for the exceptional service you’ve provided!”

—Federal Client 

A Note on Phillip Ayers, Service Technician

September 3, 2020 at 1:28 pm by Amanda Canale
Phillip Ayers, Service Technician

“Phillip interacted perfectly with the site, myself, security screeners, disk technicians. Absolutely silk. He did a magnificent job of telling us what was going on if he needed anything, he kept us going with simple status updates and worked with our Technician to get machines in and out of the room. Phillip was genuinely invested in the work and wanted to be sure that it was done correctly. He wanted to be sure the customer was satisfied and I could see the pride he had in his job. SEM took the site from limping along at about 50 percent up to 100% in a matter of four days. Phillip was clean cut, on time, obviously early to bed and early to rise. He showed great respect to our company. I can’t come up with anything that SEM could have done better. As you can tell, I am a big SEM fan.”

—Commercial Client 

Kind Words from DT Asia

August 23, 2018 at 12:45 pm by Heidi White

“We appreciate SEM and team’s dedication to quality service. Very rare to find such old school philosophy with the new age workforce nowadays.”

—David O., DT Asia Group


A Note on Chris Hunt, Technical Support Specialist

August 22, 2018 at 7:45 pm by Heidi White

“I also wanted to send a few words about Chris Hunt, the unassuming guy that showed up for the last maintenance call. I wanted to let you know, he did THE best service call ever done on my machine.  His thoroughness and attention to detail blew me away. Every little I dotted and T crossed. Not only does it sound like it is running in top shape, it actually IS running smoother and better than it ever has. Kudos to the man!”

—Richard S., Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay

A Note on Paul Dettmer, Service Technician

at 7:35 pm by Heidi White
Paul Dettmer, Service Technician

“I wanted to drop a quick note to let you know how helpful and professional Paul was while at our building.  He took the time to work through the equipment, perform the PM [preventive maintenance], and offer suggestions on how to avoid any future issues with our equipment. He also made the effort to answer a few questions we had about new equipment we might need later down the road and was very knowledgeable about the various machines and their capabilities. We greatly appreciated his time, effort, and knowledge during this call and wanted to make sure that was passed on.”

—Brandon A., US Department of Justice

Maintenance Matters

July 24, 2018 at 2:27 pm by Heidi White

Yes, maintenance matters. The main purpose of maintenance is to ensure that all equipment required for production is operating at 100% efficiency always. Simply stated, it’s less to maintain than repair.

When you are fortunate enough to work for a company like SEM that employs a full department of service technicians, you know you are in great hands.  I recently walked out of my office, walked to the factory floor, and decided to interview the newest member of our team to the most senior and those not on service calls in between.  The result: “It’s like owning a car. “What’s more interesting, when I walked over to the business side and asked what are the three most important things you need when buying a car? Not one person said a maintenance plan.

Why are both conversations just as important? We want the shiny, solution-based machine to do the work it was intended: destroy after we decommission for security and compliance purposes in the data center.  Yes, those shiny machines are EPL listed, support the NIST standard, are approved for compliance with SOX and more, but wait — you are putting drives with platters 10 high through them, blades are shredding them, and you must maintain? Is that another set of decision makers and supply chain engagement? You bet that is.

The SEM service team

Back to the car.  Models don’t matter, users do.  The “business” purchases the machine, the “users,” the security staff, the facility ops, and the decommissioning team (or however you are structured) now must maintain it.  They don’t want to own this task in many cases. For the record, there are some data centers that are very appreciative of their people when doing this task — and they are doing it well.  It’s the minority.

I don’t change my own oil or rotate my tires; rather, I happily pay someone. As Don Donahue, head of our Technical Service Team, stated, “If you don’t maintain equipment, it will let you down.”  The net net: pay for maintenance upfront or pay for service at a higher cost later. In the end you are still going to pay. The question is, can you afford down-time? With what level of risk are you secure?

Safety — let’s go there.  If your car is making weird noises and you keep driving it, thinking “I’ll get to it after one more errand,” you’re gambling with your own safety. Likewise, if your data destruction device is making weird noises and you think “just one more drive to destroy,” you’re asking for trouble. It’s like the insurance company commercial: “We’ve been here, we’ve seen this”.  Don’t go there. Choose safety first, because it matters.

Whether brakes and tires or bearings and belts, parts wear out. Wouldn’t you rather hear the service maintenance person tell you they replaced the belts because there was wear without you asking or assuming everything was fine?

“But the operational manual says….”  Hold that phone.  Do you drive your vehicle the exact same way that I drive my Volvo? No.  Do you put the exact same drives through your destruction machine that we do? No. Manuals are guidelines, you can argue until the belts break but, in the end, I drive my car in the Northeast through horrors of snow and ice with no garage, while you drive your car in sunny California and have a climate-controlled garage. From humidity to environmental erosion to mis-use to proper use, no miles or hours on a machine will be the same.

Now you understand no two experiences are the same, but the common understanding is the necessity of maintenance of your machines. Each of us will value this investment differently, but which one of us will do it for preventative reasons and which one will do it as an emergency?

For the record, when I buy a car it’s about the maintenance and warranty – I spend too much time at SEM to not be smart – maintenance first and then the machine. By the way, my Volvo not only doesn’t break down – it’s also sapphire blue.

Shredder Training is the Key to Maximizing the Performance and Life of your Destruction Equipment

July 11, 2017 at 1:59 pm by SEM

Shredders, disintegrators, briquettors, optical media destroyers, HDD/SSD shredders, HDD crushers and degaussers are critical components of your overall information security program. Keeping these systems in good working order is extremely important, and easy to do with proper user training.

Probably the biggest factor in the longevity of any equipment is tied to proper training in the operation, daily maintenance and preventative maintenance. Depending on your equipment and site there are programs that can train your people to operate, maintain and troubleshoot so you avoid problems and keep the equipment up and running well.

Training can be done at your site with your equipment during a scheduled PM call, on a specific scheduled visit to your site, or at a training facility where factory service reps will go over all aspects of operation, daily maintenance, preventative maintenance as well as, tips and tricks to get the most of your systems and avoid the pitfalls. At the beginning of the training there will be a Q & A to help identify the issues of greatest concern to the group. During the training all participants are encouraged to ask questions and will have the opportunity to get “hands on” so they thoroughly understand the material being taught. After the training and a final Q & A each participant will be given a certificate of completion designating which equipment they were trained on. This is a great way for users to add additional value to their skill sets and company capabilities.

The training can be specialized to cover any and all the issues you may be having with your specific equipment, and discuss in detail how to fix and mitigate these in the future.

Some of the things your users will learn from attending training:

Changing knives, clearing and preventing jams, servicing dust filters, proper lubrication, testing belt tension, aligning conveyor belts, swapping out shredder heads-(depending on equipment) among many others.

The goal is maximizing machine availability for the organization and imparting the skills to help users diagnose and recognize potential issues before they become bigger problems.

And investment in a proper training program will pay dividends in equipment up time and save your organization money in the long run.

Click here for more information on SEM’s Preventative Maintenance and Service plans or call 800-225-9293.

OH the Places “we’ll go” !

June 1, 2014 at 4:59 pm by SEM

At a recent High School Graduation, the valedictorian read the famous Dr. Seuss poem “Oh the places you’ll go”. It made me think, where are the places we’ll go to serve our customers?

As a world-wide supplier of information destruction systems, SEM has not only sold solutions throughout the globe but installed and serviced many of them as well. Just this year alone, our service technicians have been in the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Guam, Korea, Japan, Qatar, Bahrain, Dubai and Abu Dhabi…not to mention Hawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rico.

In addition to SEM personnel traveling around the globe, we also have trained independent service technicians in a variety of countries. So, if we can’t do it ourselves, we’ve got local factory trained service technicians who can!

Since 1967, SEM has been providing solutions for over 50 years that can effectively eliminate or sanitize information on virtually every form of media. Many people forget that Information privacy is not just an American thing. It is as important in Boston or Los Angeles as it is in Brussels or Tokyo or Rome or Riyadh or just about anywhere throughout the globe. Our systems are applicable everywhere and even though most of them are virtually “plug and play” out of box solutions. If installation or service is needed, we’re ready to travel the world, or have one of our independent technicians assist you for your on-site needs.

So, if you have sensitive data residing on paper, hard drives, SSDs, optical media, or other like devices, and you’re looking for an effective solution to sanitize or eliminate it, SEM has a solution. It doesn’t matter if you’re in Michigan, Australia, Israel, Europe or South Africa, our solutions are available and applicable everywhere. So when Dr. Seuss asks SEM about the places you’ll go, it’s easy.

We’ll just about go anywhere.

For more information about SEM and our products contact us today.