Some Effective IN-HOUSE Solutions for EOL End-of Life Hard Drives

June 1, 2014 at 5:02 pm by SEM

Today, data centers are the backbone of of our digital information society. The question is —do you have a solid plan in place to effectively and securely handle your drives at end of life?

Whether it’s just disposing of a few failed drives, or a planned system upgrade, eliminating data from hard drives is one of the most critical elements of limiting liability in any data center.

The sensitive nature of the information on your drives makes it absolutely critical that when a drive fails or comes to EOL that you efficiently, effectively and securely eliminate the possibility of that data being accessed on any defective or obsolete hard drives.

As data storage technology evolves, so must the data eliminations and destruction process. Depending on the security level of the drives, DOD classified, Top Secret or just confidential/sensitive there are many ways to accomplish this vital task.

If you operate a data center with government classified or TS information, according to the NSA, you need to Sanitize (degauss) first with an NSA approved device and then shred, punch or otherwise physically destroy the drive.

More detailed information on sanitization and degaussing options can be found at:

If you don’t have any government secrets on your drives, the process is much easier-simply put; all you need to do is physically destroy them- no sanitization or degaussing is required.

Crushers that punch and bend the drives are a great option for small batches of drives, or as support for smaller data centers, shipping them out to use as needed.

If you want to see a crusher in action, there is a great video also that will tell you everything you need to know about Hard Drive Crushers at:

Today, there are many different hard drive shredders available for any application. These rugged shredders can destroy between 50 and 3,500 drives an hour. The particle size you can choose from based on your security requirements can be anywhere from 3/4’”to 1-1/2” wide by random length. Hard drive shredders like these can quickly, efficiently and securely take the whole drives and turn them instantly into highly recyclable metal scrap, making the drives unrecognizable and the information irretrievable.

Go to: to see all the options.

Another major security concern for data centers is that many do not want to remove or transport the drives from the site or let anyone come on-site for HDD destruction. Now you can do the destruction in house and on-site yourself and maintain the security of your site while meeting all destruction requirements. For smaller data centers that would not need a large full time device, many of these solutions are small enough to be shipped anywhere in the world from site to site as needed! This saves time; money enhances your security and is a great solution to a common data center challenge.

To find out about deployment solutions go to:

As we have discussed, protecting the information and preventing unauthorized access to your obsolete drives and the information on them is the most critical element in managing your liability and reducing your risk.   Many companies have already taken steps to prevent future problems-will you be next?

See the video below about how Google is tackling this challenge:

Is your company ready to maximize your hard drive security while minimizing the liability?

The reality is you NEED to take action NOW if your hard drive EOL plan is placing you at risk!

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