Shred More, Spend Less

September 8, 2016 at 9:35 am by SEM

As the requirement for shredding CUI, PII, and FOUO information increases daily, we are encountered by a common concern in the shredder industry; how can I shred larger quantities of material without emptying my wallet on an industrial sized shredder? Well my friends, SEM has a solution! We are proud to introduce the latest machine in our already abundant arsenal of information destruction equipment; the SEM Model F65.

For those dealing with CUI (Controlled Unclassified Information), PII and FOUO in bulk quantities, this is truly a shredder that can do it all. Running on single phase voltage, this power house shredder can chew through an impressive, bona fide 65 sheets per pass. This enables your shredder to be plugged into any standard power outlet to begin destroying at any time. On average, a CUI office shredder can handle about 25 sheets per pass. At 65 sheets per pass, the F65 blows the opposition out of the water, and provides added security by producing a smaller waste particle that exceeds the CUI level standards.

But its impressive load capacity is only the tip of the paper shredding iceberg; this machine has a few other specs up its sleeve that elevate it far above the rest of the field. Our Model F65 is the only CUI shredder in its class that operates with a 100% oil-less cutting head. What does this mean to you? Well for starters, you will never again be burdened with the task of oiling your shredder or having to bother with the petty tasks of maintenance that accompany it. It also means you never have to buy a jug of oil again. The savings attributed to this design over the span of our shredders’ life alone are monumental.

Additionally, the Model F65 is incredibly versatile. With dual frequency capabilities, this shredder is ready to plug in and operate no matter where you are. This unit can operate on 50 or 60 Hertz and is available in both 110V and 220V versions making this a suitable machine with global capabilities. Not only is this unit capable of shredding on multiple frequencies, it is also extremely resilient and reparable. With a replaceable cutting head, you can quickly swap out a damaged cutter for a new one with ease. This will save you time and money when you consider the amount of funds that go towards replacing entire shredders due to common user errors. Remember: Shred More, Spend less.

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