Sequestration and Information Security

December 10, 2013 at 11:11 am by SEM

The effects of the mandatory budget cuts due to Sequestration may still be unknown. The challenge for government officials today is to maintain the levels of service and security despite shrinking budgets. According to the DoD, one of the biggest threats to our national security is protecting our classified information and our intellectual property from foreign countries and organizations.

Recently there were allegations that the Chinese military was sponsoring cyber attacks on American defense industry in an effort to steal intellectual property and duplicate it. Michael Daniel, the Whitehouse Cybersecurity Coordinator said “You can see that pretty much steadily over the course of this administration, cybersecurity has become a more and more important issue.” He then went on to say that the Sequestration would impact the overall program but would have no significant damage to the information security mission.

SEM understands that due to Sequestration government business is changing rapidly. Although there are budget cuts, the national security threats are continuing to increase. Don’t leave your information security program to services that are not proven in the field in the effort to lower costs. SEM has over 30 years of experience in providing expert Information Destruction Solutions to the government and private industry. We have been working with Information Security Managers within the most sensitive programs and understand the strict standards required.

SEM will always provide the best solution based on the single most important factor. Whether the level of destruction meets or exceeds the customer’s requirement. Once the right security needs are met, SEM will then work with the customer to help stay within a budget. SEM will never provide a lower level of security based on cost. SEM has several Territory Managers who travel everyday and meet with military, government and private industry in order to continually understand and improve our equipment and services. No other company can provide this level of expertise in the field. Feel free to visit and find out who your local Territory Manager is today and contact them with any media destruction questions.

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