SEM Supports Civil Air Patrol

June 24, 2018 at 5:44 pm by Heidi White

SEM has made a donation to the Civil Air Patrol in honor of Karl Lotvedt, SEM DC Sales Support Representative, who is Commander of the Osprey Composite Squadron of the Maryland Wing of Civil Air Patrol.

Civil Air Patrol (CAP) is a wholly volunteer organization that is an auxiliary of the USAF. CAP has three primary missions:

  1. Cadet programs: Teach cadets ages 12-21 about leadership, responsibility, respect, organization, drill, and ceremonies.
  2. Aerospace Education: Teach about how and why an airplane flies in which cadets get five hours in control of a single engine Cessna (next to the pilot) and five hours in a glider. They also have the opportunity to become a private pilot.
  3. Emergency Services: Search and rescue.

Karl’s role as a commander requires him to oversee all the training of his cadets and seniors (adult officers) to make sure they are ready when called for a mission, which are given to them by the USAF. Karl became involved with CAP in 2003 after he retired from the United States Air Force. He began at the Martin State Airport squadron in Essex before starting the Osprey Composite Squadron in Dundalk, MD.

“A lot of patriotism is lost in today’s world, especially among the younger people, and the CAP can help restore that,” commented Karl. “We’re a small squadron but we are there if we are ever needed.”

SEM is incredibly appreciative of Karl for his tireless efforts with Civil Air Patrol, and we are honored to support this noble cause. For more information, visit

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