Selling to the US Govt. – Past Performance = BEST VALUE!

June 12, 2013 at 9:32 am by SEM

When the US Government decides to issue a purchase order for information destructions systems, many factors come into play. Quality, Service, Support and Price are all considered. But what about “Past Performance”. According to, Security Engineered Machinery (SEM) has been awarded 5,237 contracts with the US Federal Government in the past 10 years. Excluded from these “contracts” are the thousands of systems, services and supplies that were purchased on Govt. Credit Cards or through other non-contract vehicles. So what does this prove and why is this important?

While success for any company is based on their efficiency to deliver products and services in a timely and accurate manner, it is especially critical to do so within the Federal Govt. procurement process. It is likely to receive a purchase order from a Govt. Contracting Office based in Indianapolis and have the unit ship to a Military facility in California. The paper work to effectively process the order and to insure that the unit is “received” properly is a daunting task. As a supplier to the Federal Govt. for over 45 years, SEM fully understands and appreciates the challenges. Getting the paper work processed properly and having the delivery made accurately ultimately saves the Government time and money!

How does SEM insure proper shipments?

There’s nothing worse than an expensive piece of equipment arriving at a facility and no one is there to receive it properly. Or even worse….the shipment arrives and it can’t fit into the room it’s intended for or the power is not sufficient to operate the machine. Prior to shipping a piece of equipment, SEM validates that the location has the appropriate receiving dock to accept the system. The at-site point of contact is also verified. Other issues such as the proper power, system footprint and other receiving challenges are also validated.

In the end, when a system is shipped by SEM, we have completed a variety of pre-shipment tasks to insure that the machine is prepared properly to arrive safely, damage-free, accurately and ready to operate.

With over 45 years of experience delivering all types of equipment to our Federal Govt. customers both domestically and abroad, we have seen and dealt with all kinds of challenges. Our experience in doing so has provided SEM with a reputation as a primary supplier of Information Destruction Systems to our Federal Govt. customers. Sometimes, it’s not just about Price……but Past Performance of Quality, Service, Support, Delivery and Experience has built a reputation for SEM as the BEST VALUE solution to our Federal, State and Local Government Customers.

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