MX-Series/Acoustical Sound Dampening Panel Systems

Specially designed to be space conscious, easily serviced and most importantly provide a 15 dba to 25 dba reduction in sound levels.

Unlike disintegrators with base mounted panels that surround the base of the system only, the SEM MX-Enclosure series surrounds the entire system, including the disintegrator itself, the feed area and the air system on Models 2, 3, 1012, 15, 22 and 23. This makes the MX the best noise reduction and dust containment package in the industry. With 4 options available SEM can analyze your system location and make a recommnedation that best meets your requirements.

The MX Enclosure features:

  • Designed specifically for SEM Disintegrator Models 2, thru 23 for new or retrofit applications.
  • Highly absorbent acoustical insulation for optimum sound isolation
  • Special panel connectors eliminate acoustic leak
  • Rugged building – block construction to meet present and future requirements
  • Unique panel removability feature allows for individual panels to be dismantled without removing the roof access for maintenance
  • Quick erecting design, allowing for most installations under 2 hours.

  Pricing varies depending on enclosure style and size, please call.

Not all enclosures are created equal. 

The image on the left highlights significant differences between an MX Enclosure and a competitor’s enclosure.

Click here for an in-depth comparison of an SEM Enclosure and a competitor’s enclosure.


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