Model 22/5 Green Value Kit


Green value kits combine a high volume disintegrator with a briquettor that compacts the shredded waste into small briquettes for a significant reduction in waste volume.

SEM Briquetting Systems Include:

  • Model 22/5 Disintegrator with 25 hp motor – for the reduction of paper from sheets to 3/32″ particles at a rate of up to 800 pounds per hour.
  • Material Evacuation System – air evacuation of particle from disintegrator to briquettor collection hopper. Includes air filtration system (SEM Model FT-24).
  • Briquetting Press – Includes two high pressure hydraulic rams to compact waste particles.
  • Material Transfer Tubes – Dual discharge tubes direct compacted briquettes from briquettor to waste collection boxes.
  • Sound Enclosure – Insulated steel constructed enclosure reduces equipment noise levels to below 85 dBA.
  • Spare set of disintegrator knives
  • Disintegrator Tool Kit

Click here to download a STANDARD LAYOUT DRAWING


  • Particle Size (DoD)=3/32″
  • Particle Size (commercial)=3/4″
  • Thruput (DoD)=800 lbs./hr
  • Thruput (Official Use)=1,100 lbs./hr
  • Briquettor=Dual discharge
  • Feed Opening=12″ x 20″
  • Destruction Chamber=12″ x 20″
  • Motor=25 HP
  • Disintegrator Weight=2,470 lbs
  • Waste Transportation=FC15 with FT24 Filtration
  • Sound Reduction=22 MX enclosure
  • Briquettor Weight=2,915 lbs
  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY

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