Degausser Maintenance & Recertification Program

In order to ensure maximum operational effectiveness, degaussers should be maintained on an annual basis. Given the complexities of the unit, the best method to maintain the unit is at the factory where special consideration is given to safety and the special measurement tools required to analyze the system.

In addition to the maintenance of the unit, the Maintenance Service Agreement also includes a Recertification Test. Using a high density hard disk drive, SEM will perform this “worst case” test to insure that all devices 5000 Oe and below continue to be degaussed in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications. The test is performed at a high profile data forensic lab using highly sensitive, sophisticated measurement instruments designed specifically to measure data on hard disks.

How the program works:

  • SEM ships customized degausser crate to customer’s dock.
  • Customer packs degausser in crate, then contacts SEM who arranges for pick-up and shipment to SEM facility.
  • SEM performs complete overhaul of the unit, replacing any part that is covered under warranty.  If a part is required that is NOT covered under warranty, SEM will contact the customer to discuss repair options.
  • After the unit is serviced, SEM will conduct a recertification test with a 5,000 Oe hdd.
  • Upon completion of recertification test, the degausser is returned to customer’s dock.  A maintenance report is included.
  • Recertification test results are sent via email.


  • Material=Roto Molded Plastic
  • Security=Customer Padlock
  • Portability=Telescoping Handle
    2 Casters
  • Cover=Hinged

Additional information

Weight 6242567175 lbs