Physical & Electronic Destruction Equipment Designed to Destroy E-Media Receives CE Mark Approval

June 13, 2018 at 4:05 pm by SEM

WESTBORO, MA — Secure I.T. Engineered Solutions, (“SITES”), a Division of Security Engineered Machinery, announces CE Mark approval for its full line of electronic media destruction/sanitization equipment including degaussers, hard drive and solid state shredders, E-media disintegrators. Understanding the sensitive and critical nature of the data center environment where SITES’s devices are installed, SITES sought and attained CE Mark approval. Requirements for CE Mark approval includes rigorous testing and evaluation by certified testing companies for health and safety (both electrically and physically), environmental compliance and EMC testing for failure of device from electrical noise or interference into the device and also output from the device affecting other devices in the area such as in large data centers.

“We knew early on in the development of our electronic sanitization equipment that they would be installed along with sensitive data storage arrays and other IT equipment and it was essential for SITES to ensure our devices would not unintentionally impact equipment or data.” said Andrew Kelleher, President & CEO. “CE Mark products must undergo rigorous electronic testing protocols designed to determine that there will be no impact to the welfare of operators or the surrounding equipment.”

Secure I.T. Engineered Solutions is a Division of Security Engineered Machinery the global leader in document and electronic media destruction equipment.

For more information, contact James T. Norris, Vice President, Norris & Company, 264 Bodwell Street, Avon, MA 02322, Tel: (508) 510-5626, FAX: (508) 510-4180, E-mail:

SITES is a the commerical division of SEM.

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