Paper Shredders & Productivity ( or lack thereof )

March 28, 2011 at 9:28 am by artefact_admin

Most Companies today, especially in today’s economy, are looking for ways to get the most production from their already reduced staff of employees. Many employees are wearing more than one hat in order for their company to survive in today’s business environment.

In my travels, I work with Commercial Companies, Government and the Defense Community and It is very common to see engineers, project managers or Security Managers spending hours destroying classified or company sensitive information with a shredder that is too small. Often as is the case with defense contractors, there is a important deadline attached to the destruction process..Some information is very sensitive in nature and it needs to be destroyed be senior or cleared personnel that are making pretty good money to perform a specific skill within the company. Instead, they are spending hours shredding paper with a 3 or 4 sheet paper shredder. This is extremely valuable time wasted that can never be recovered.

Does Size Really Matter- With Shredders it Does

It is extremely important to make sure that that the shredder that is purchased is sized correctly so that it will realistically handle the daily volume of waste that is generated. Many people buy shredders by price only and never take into consideration the many hours of lost productivity. For many people, it is the first shredder that they purchased and they don’t have a feel for the number of man hours required to handle the task. A reputable shredder company can help you size a machine according to your requirements without selling you more machine that you really need.

Centralized approach

For some companies, a centralized shredding approach makes more sense. Rather than scattering smaller shredders throughout the facility, a larger unit is purchased and located in a convenient location. This system is generally managed by the security group or facilities services. The idea is to free up key personnel to perform their daily functions without spending hours shredding using a small unit. The bulk of company sensitive data can be brought to this location and a few small shredders can be used as needed for extremely sensitive areas.

Security containers can work hand in hand with a centralized shredder approach. There is a unit manufactured by SEM company called the DDG or Data-Dis-Guard. The container is attractive and looks like a standard filing cabinet but has a one way mail type drop slot in the upper portion of the cabinet. Anyone can insert material but only authorized personnel can retrieve the information inside. These units can be strategically located throughout the facility and data can be picked up when they are full and brought to the central shredding room. The most important aspect is that these containers eliminate the shredding process for most personnel.

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