No Power? – No Problem!

November 7, 2012 at 1:45 pm by SEM

Sitting here in the dark in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, I am reminded how dependent we are on electronic devices. Years ago, many business activities – processing and shipping orders, for instance – could be done manually during power outages. Today, these processes have been automated so, when the lights go out, business grinds to a halt.

What happens if your place of business is dealing with Classified Data or you are a forward military location or in a hostile foreign country? Is it possible to maintain the security of sensitive – even classified – information when the power is out due to natural disasters or disabled when you come under fire? Waiting for the power to be restored is not an option. SEM has destruction solutions for exactly these scenarios.

To comply with the Dept of Defense “degauss and destroy” standards for magnetic media, SEM offers a NO POWER REQUIRED bundle. The bundle consists of the SEM Mag EraSURE ME-P3M Degausser and Model 0100 Hard Drive Crusher.

The Model ME-P3M degausser uses rare earth permanent fixed magnet technology, not an electro-magnetic field. This manually operated system

  • Produces a reliable, consistent magnetic field up to 12,000 GAUS ( 1.2 TESLA ) with capabilities of degaussing PMR and LMR Drives up to 6,000 Oe, regardless of the machine’s age or frequency of use
  • Has a degauss cycle of only 10 SECONDS, faster than many automatic units
  • Operates using a MANUAL HAND CRANK
  • Produces virtually ZERO NOISE Safe, fast, and reliable drive degaussing when and where you need it!

Using a conical steel punch, the SEM Model 0100 delivers 6,000 pounds of force to hard drives, piercing, mangling, and bending them beyond recovery. The best part is, it operates using only good ol’ fashioned elbow grease! Wherever you do business, SEM is there with fast, reliable, NO POWER REQUIRED degauss and destroy solutions as well as a variety of data destruction solutions for virtually all forms of media! For more information on all of the systems available from SEM, feel free to visit us at

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