Myth Buster – NRTL Standards, UL Standards, UL Certification

June 6, 2017 at 10:12 am by SEM

Is the need for UL approval a common misconception in the information destruction industry?

Specifically, what is needed and required is an NRTL (National Recognized Test Laboratory) where your equipment is certified, listed and labeled to a UL standard, not a UL listing. NRTL certified destruction equipment is something SEM can and will provide their customers when such organizations, perhaps a data center or work environments where equipment has required safety compliances. SEM often has equipment NRTL tested and approved once manufacturing is completed, easily in fact, in part by meeting its customers’ policy for safety standards, where a certifications mark on the equipment is required.

UL used to have a monopoly on product safety testing however, after MET (an alternative testing lab to UL) was approached by several organizations and agencies MET challenged the monopoly that UL held and the courts agreed with them. As a result of that lawsuit OSHA then created the NRTL program and in 1998 MET became the first NRTL.

UL now has two separate organizations, one which is commissioned by the US Government, to write the standard that other MET laboratories use for testing and evaluation and then competes with the standards set by UL. While UL does coordinate these standards, they are only one of several NRTLs for testing and certification.

There are several such laboratories in place offering testing and evaluation currently used by SEM for certifications on several of the IT related destruction products for both hard drive and solid state drive media that SEM offers. SEM can also provide CE approval on its USA made degausser including the NSA approved Model EMP-1000HS. So should your organizations require these safety certifications SEM can and will provide you with the mark along with the approved testing report that the device you selected from SEM meet the applicable UL standards by an NRTL independent testing lab.

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