Model EMP1000 High Security Electromagnetic Degausser

June 12, 2018 at 3:39 pm by SEM

NSA-Listed Degausser is Fast, Safe, Easy to Use

The EMP1000-HS Electromagnetic Degausser makes sanitizing magnetic media—including hard drives or magnetic tapes containing classified information—fast, safe, and easy. Available from Security Engineered Machinery, the EMP1000-HS has been evaluated by the National Security Agency and is listed on the Degausser Evaluated Products List. Producing a magnetic force of 2.0 Tesla (20,000 gauss), the EMP1000-HS’ capacitive discharge pulse sanitizes today’s high-density (high coercivity) PMR and LMR hard disk drives with coercivity ratings of up to 5,000 Oersted and data tapes with nominal coercivity ratings of up to 2,800 Oersted.

The EMP1000-HS is the first NSA Listed degausser to feature a high-resolution LCD touch screen with multicolored icons for operator control and feedback. It detects the strength of the magnetic field during operation and then displays it to confirm that the media has been fully degaussed. Its 25 second cycle time is the fastest of any NSA Listed degausser. The EMP1000-HS is equipped with Auto-Sync, a unique feature that automatically identifies and “syncs” to the outlet’s voltage (110 or 220 V at 50-60 Hz AC). The on-board Smart Logic processor allows for a variety of checks and comparison features to ensure that the electrical systems and functions are running properly.

The compact unit (11.4”W x 19”D x 23”H) fits on standard desks and tables. For field deployment application a custom transport case is available.

The EMP1000-HS can be paired with an NSA-listed Model 0101 Crusher to comply with Degauss and Destroy guidelines for the sanitization of Classified magnetic media.

A leader in the secure destruction of electronic media and paper documents, Security Engineered Machinery, ISO 14001 registered, is the largest direct supplier of data-destruction equipment in the United States and operates the largest secure destruction facility in the Northeast, adjacent to its headquarters in Westboro, Massachusetts. The company’s full-service engineering department designs special products, such as the currency destruction systems in use by the Federal Reserve Bank and other central banks. Every American embassy uses SEM equipment. Areas of expertise include the destruction of hard drives and other mixed media; “off-spec” or returned product for the pharmaceutical, medical device, and food industries; and heavy-duty, high-capacity shredders for recycling applications. More than 100 SEM authorized service centers are positioned to serve customers worldwide.

Model EMP1000 complete product details, specifications and pricing.


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