Model 22 SSD

June 12, 2018 at 3:37 pm by SEM

Powerful Destruction System for all Solid State Device

The leader in engineered destruction and sanitization systems for all forms of media at the highest level of security, Security Engineered Machinery, has announced a new destruction system designed specifically for the destruction of all types of Solid State Devices, (“SSD”).

The new SEM Model 22SSD system features a totally enclosed destruction system with an infeed conveying system, dual stage pre-breaking and oversized destruction chamber ensuring excessive destruction of all SSD media, including SSD encased in server housings, whole phones or tablets and other large media. The SEM Model 22SSD system throughput exceeds 120 SSD drives per hour or 2,000 SSSD devices per hour while producing end waste particle sizes of less than 2mm2, depending on sizing screen.

The SEM Model 22SSD system is specifically engineered to ensure high volume continuous sanitization and destruction of SSD and other media with a fully enclosed HEPA waste collection and air filtration system and a state of the art integrated control system facilitating proper feeding feedback. The integrated waste collection feedback system automatically controls in feed of media when the collection bid reached a predetermined volume eliminating overfeeding and possibilities of jamming. Safety interlocks prevent operation when any safety guard or panel is not in place.

Ideal for e-scrap recyclers, data centers, hospitals, and other facilities that need to destroy large quantities of digital storage media in accordance with government regulations and industry standards (HIPAA, FACTA, SOX, PCI DSS, etc.).

Founded in 1967, Security Engineered Machinery (SEM) is a leader in data sanitization solutions for all types of media, including degaussing and physical destruction. ISO 14001 registered, SEM is the nation’s largest direct designer and supplier of data-destruction equipment, from office paper shredders to heavy-duty hard-drive shredders and disintegrators. More than 100 SEM authorized service centers are positioned to serve customers worldwide. The company’s full-service engineering staff is the largest and most experienced in the industry, able to customize destruction products and systems for specific businesses or government agencies. SEM also partners with Fortune 500 companies and many of the U.S. government’s various intelligence agencies to develop new products and systems for the destruction/recycling of electronic media.

Model 22 SSD complete product details, specifications and pricing.

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