Model 2-SSD

June 12, 2018 at 3:35 pm by SEM

Disintegrator Destroys SSDs and other Electronic Media to Tiny 2mm Particles

The Model 2-SSD from Security Engineered Machinery reduces solid state devices to waste particles of 2mm or less. Such a small particle is required to ensure that each flash memory chip used to store data on solid state devices is destroyed. Destruction is caused by knives mounted on a spinning rotor passing stationary bed knives at very high speeds.

Items are continuously cut until they are small enough to pass through a waste sizing screen. Items that can be destroyed in the Model 2-SSD include solid state hard drives, smartphones, cell phones, PDAs, tablets, SIM cards, USB flash drives, compact flash and even optical discs.

The Model 2-SSD is a compact, self-contained disintegrator with all components housed within a custom enclosure for maximum sound, odor and dust control. The Model 2-SSD has a rated destruction capacity of more than 50 SSDs per hour at the 2mm particle size. Higher throughput rates are possible with larger waste sizing screens.

An ergonomic operator interface allows easy viewing and control of all machine functions. The Model 2-SSD also features a key switch, start button, hour meter and emergency e-stop. An angled feed chute with integrated flap protects operators during the feeding process. Safety interlocks prevent operation when any safety guard or panel is not in place. An air filtration system consisting of a carbon pre-filter and HEPA filter is also included.

ISO 14001 Registered, Security Engineered Machinery is the largest direct supplier of data-destruction equipment in the United States and operates a full service destruction facility adjacent to its headquarters in Westboro, Massachusetts. The company’s full-service engineering department designs special products, such as the currency destruction systems in use by the Federal Reserve Bank and other central banks. Areas of expertise include the destruction of hard drives and other mixed media; “off-spec” or returned product for the pharmaceutical, medical device, and food industries; and heavy-duty, high-capacity shredders for recycling applications.

Model 2-SSD complete product details, specifications and pricing.


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