HDD/SSD Shredders

1:36 pm Paul Falcone

HDD/SSD Shredders

All of our high-torque hard drive shredders have hardened sawtooth, hooked cutters that rip drives to shreds. All SEM HDD shredders are noted on the NSA/CSS EPL for HDD Destruction Devices, and meet DIN Level H-4. Solid state shredders destroy SSDs to a 0.375” final particle size, while rotational hard drive shredders destroy HDDs to a 1.5” final particle size. Devices can be configured in a variety of options to fit specific usage, power, and space requirements, including international voltage. Models 0315, 0303, 0305, and 0304 are also available as combo shredders, destroying both HDDs and SSDs in one convenient device.

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Have HDD and SSD Drives?

Need a shredder that can securely destroy both HDD and SSD drives? Check out our combo shredders.