ISO 14001 Registered ….It’s not easy being GREEN !

May 7, 2012 at 11:56 am by SEM

“Commitment to the Environment”….. It sounds easy and many companies claim it but do they actually implement it. As our ISO 14001 Registration validates, SEM ( not only claims it but “lives it” everyday.

What is ISO 14001 and how does SEM participate ?

ISO 14001 ( is an international environmental management standard that provides a framework to identify, assess and control the impact that a company may have on the environment. Through the implementation of an EMS (Environmental Management System), SEM has executed procedures to monitor company activities to insure that we are in compliance with environmental laws and regulations.

Our overall goal is to operate our company in an environmentally friendly manner and to protect the environment through continuous improvements of our processes, products and services. While this forces us to dedicate time, financial and human resources, we do it simply because it is the right thing to do for our company, community and our children.

WHY ISO 14001 ?

Through the implementation of an EMS (Environmental Management System), SEM has demonstrated a commitment to the environment through the efficient management of energy, raw materials and waste. All business decisions take into account these environmental issues. While the upfront commitment to employee training and resources is significant, in the end SEM, has increased profits through recycling programs, reduced overall energy costs, compliance with all regulatory issues and above all, have done our share of protecting the environment.

How does it impact the products we sell?

In addition to our business processes, to further meet our commitment to the environment, SEM is constantly striving to integrate various environmentally friendly components in the products and systems we offer to our customers. To that end, many of our products include energy saving mode features that “power down” systems automatically when not in use. Post consumer recycled materials are used in the manufacturing process of various cabinets and doors of many of our systems and we make every effort to purchase supplies and components from vendors who also have similar commitments to the environment.

In short, our commitment to the environment requires an all hands-on-deck participation from our company, employees and our vendors. It’s a significant financial and time consuming commitment but one that SEM is willing to take and even though Kermit the Frog would say “it’s not easy being green”….for SEM, it’s the right thing to do!


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