Use and Care of Hard Drive Crushers

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Use and Care of Hard Drive Crushers

If you follow a few basic guidelines, a hard drive crusher should provide years of trouble-free performance

  1. Never overfeed – Do not exceed the manufacturer’s recommendation for size or amount of drives that can be destroyed in a single cycle. Doing so may not show any negative short-term effects, but will cause long-term issues.
  2. Never introduce foreign objects – Never use a hard drive crusher for anything but its intended purpose. Only hard drives and other manufacturer approved items should be destroyed. If you are uncertain about a crusher’s ability to destroy a certain device, contact the manufacturer.
  3. Ensure proper power is available – If not powered properly, a crusher will not run effectively. Even if the proper electrical outlets are used, they may not provide sufficient power for best performance. Some machines require a dedicated circuit. Performance issues can also be caused a voltage drop as a result of outlets being too far from a circuit breaker. Use of extension cords can create similar problems.

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