Higher Education Institutions: The Great Debate

August 8, 2016 at 9:15 am by SEM

Setting up an in-house hard drive destruction program vs. using an outside shred service.

Technology is a huge part of our lives today. From computers to tablets to all kinds of PDA’s. But what do you do with these devices when they are at the end of their life considering all the sensitive information on them? This is particularly a problem for Colleges and Higher Education Universities. Just think of all the different types of IT related products that are used on a college campus. There are computers and laptops for the staff. Most students use some type of laptop, tablet, cellphone and USB drives. So when these devices are at the end of their life what do you do with them? Simply throw them in the trash, use an outside shred “guy” or perhaps set up a secure in-house destruction program?

Outside Shred Service

In the past this has been a good solution because of convenience. Particularly in years past when the volume of IT devices was low. You simply call a shred service and they come out and destroy them. It’s kind of an out of site out of mind thing. However as the volume increases it can get expensive. There is typically a fee to come to your location then pricing is based on your volume with a minimum fee. So why not put that money into a piece of equipment where you could destroy the drives yourself and also ensure maximum security?

In-house Destruction Options

When you are starting to think about setting up your own in-house destruction program there are a few things to think about. What is your volume? What type of drives are you looking to destroy? What is your budget? Depending on these answers to these questions you could possibly purchase your own destruction device and actually have it pay for itself in the first year or 2 compared with what you are paying for a destruction service. Also doing it yourself ensures maximum security.

Below are our 2 most popular Hard Drive Destruction options:

PHYSICAL DESTRUCTION is the most common method of destroying hard drives. While
data isnot erased, the drive itself is physically damaged making it inoperable.
The SEM 0101 Hard Drive Crusher is an entry level device that bends and
punches a hole into the drive. It can destroy standard HDDs and up to six laptop drives in one 8 second cycle.

A level up from that for physical destruction would be an SEM HDD Shredder
like the SEM Model 0300 HDD Shredder. This machine shreds the drive down
to a particle of 1.5 providing a higher level of security. These methods
physically destroy the media making them inoperable.

High Security Destruction

When dealing with High Security/Classified Data that is associated with National
Defense, the US Federal Government implements a two step process in which
a hard drive is degaussed with an NSA Level Deguasser and physically destroyed. To that end, SEM offers a variety of Degauss and Destroy Bundle Solutions for both NSA Level and/or Commercial level information.


If you need to destroy hard drives or any other type of electronic media, SEM has a solution to meet a wide variety needs and budgets. For more information on hard drive destruction or any other effective electronic media destruction, please visit our website at www.semshred.com/state or call us toll free at 800-225-9293 Ext. 1048.

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