HARD DRIVE SHREDDERS – Which is right for you?

May 8, 2012 at 11:15 am by SEM

Shred a Hard Drive just like a paper shredder…..how can that be? That’s right, when it comes time to dispose of old hard drives that contain millions of pages of data and information, they can be shredded into strip cut pieces just like a paper shredder. The question is which hard drive shredder best meets my needs?


In order to determine which hard drive shredder best meets my business needs, you must answer a few questions….. what is the volume of drives needed to be destroyed, what is the security level required, do we have the proper power to operate the system and can my facility accommodate the system.

SEM (www.semshred.com) offers a variety of Hard Drive Shredders that answer all of these questions. From a low volume, small footprint, office-like system with standard single phase power like the SEM Model 0300 to a larger, industrial size, high volume system with 3-phase power like the SEM Model 0304, SEM has a solution to meet your needs. For a complete overview of the entire line up of Hard Drive Shredders available from SEM.


Before you decide which shredder is best for me, you should answer these questions:

If SECURITY is your most important priority – the smaller the better. As such, a .75” strip cut is more desirable than 1.0” or 1.5”. The Models 0302 and 0304 have the capabilities to produce all three strip cut sizes.

If VOLUME is more important – any of the systems with a shred size of 1.5” produce the higher volumes that range from 500 to 3500 hard drives per hour.

POWERThe Model 0300 requires standard 120V -20Amp power while the remainder of systems require 3-phase power at 208, 230 or 460V. Therefore, your facility must be able to accommodate this power.

SPACEThe 3 phase power units (Models 0301, 0302 and 0304) that can shred high volumes require enough space to accommodate the shredder and the discharge conveyor. A collection container to accept the shredded drives must also be considered. As such, the facility must have enough room to handle these configurations.

WHAT DO I DO WITH THE SHREDDED DRIVES “There’s Gold in them thar hills”

Hard Drives contain a variety of precious metals such as Gold, Copper, Aluminum, etc. Once the drives are shredded, these can be sold to recyclers who have the capability to separate the metals through a smelting process. With Gold at approximately $1,600 per ounce, it doesn’t take much to make these shredded drives very valuable. At the time of this report, a shredded hard drive had a value of about 50 cents per drive.


If you have need to dispose of Hard Drives or similar items such as cell phones, blackberries, etc., an SEM Hard Drive Shredder is a clean, simple to operate, highly effective solution….and with so many options available from SEM, there’s got to be one that fits your needs.

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