Get your Kicks on Route SEM 266

June 4, 2012 at 4:20 pm by SEM

Back in the late 80’s the SEM Model 266 came on to the high security shredder scene and it quickly became the most popular high security industrial shredder in the world…. especially in the Defense community. Back then, NSA guidelines required a particle size of 1/32” x ½”. By today’s standards, this would be considered a level 5 shredder that is no longer used in the USA for High Security classified paper destruction. The current NSA Guidelines require an even smaller 1 mm x 5 mm particle, commonly referred to in the industry as a level 6 machine.

Why Slightly Ahead of its time?

From a security standpoint, the interesting part about the Model 266 is that it was always slightly ahead of its time by producing a high security particle that was considerably smaller than the required industry requirements and doing it at the rate of 10 sheets per feed or 21 reams per hour. This is roughly 10,500 Sheets of paper/hr.

Today, with minimal changes in the cut, this same unit is now classified as a level 6 shredder producing yet an even smaller 0.8 x 5mm particle. You will find it on the NSA evaluated products list ( NSA /CSS 02-01). Here is the link :


Next Generation Model 266-4

The model 266 is in its next generation and now called the model 266/4 ( This unit has been further improved to fit into today’s modern office environment. Here are a few significant improvements for your review.

• Now rated at up to 18 sheets per feed and 28 Reams per hour feeding 10 sheets per feed in the NSA durability test.

• Built-in factory installer automatic lubrication system. It now has a cleaner look with the pump mechanism built internally. It still has the desired one gallon capacity as before.

• SPS Electronic Cutter safety shield. Provides operator safety and helps to control overfeeding.

• ECC Electronic capacity control. A visual aid to help control the feed rate.

And to meet the ever growing need to conserve energy, the newest version includes an Energy Saving Mode that shuts down the system when not in use.


Other Options

Although the model 266 appears to be the best thing since sliced bread, there are other industrial level 6 shredders by SEM that deserve some consideration. The model 1201cc ( never needs lubrication ) or the model 5140c/4 deserve some consideration . Information can be obtained on the SEM website or by contacting your local SEM representative. So, if you’re looking for a High Security Paper Shredder that has a long and successful history of performance and reliability…why not take a drive down SEM route 266….you can’t get much more Americana than that !

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