Eco-Friendly Exhibiting

June 4, 2012 at 9:48 am by SEM

Environmental awareness is currently a hot topic for businesses. Many companies have instituted a green initiative, but few have targeted Trade Show Exhibiting as an area of focus. Unfortunately, there is a huge amount of waste generated at trade shows. Following these simple steps will help limit trade show waste, fulfill your commitment to the environment, and help your company take steps toward sustainability.

• Rent or reuse booth flooring.

• Reuse graphics and other show material to prevent waste.

• Be environmentally conscious with print material (i.e. use recycled material, print double-sided, use less printed material).

• Choose environmentally friendly giveaways.

• Rent booths locally whenever feasible.

• Reuse packing material.

• Reuse shipping crates.

• Consolidate shipments.

• Choose a logistics partner that participates in the EPA’s SmartWay Program, which helps logistics companies improve full efficiency.

As a small, veteran-owned, ISO 14001 registered business; SEM ( has made a commitment to “green” business practices and, as such, has instituted all of the above in a simple, cost-effective manner. This is just one step in SEM’s commitment to going green.

For more information on the ISO 14001 and SEM’s participation in the program, click here

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