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As most people know that are in business today, document destruction can be a tedious chore but is often considered a necessary evil especially those with high security applications. Conventional office & High Security paper shredders do a fine job of destroying day to day sensitive paper but there is a better way to destroy high volumes of waste using a time tested destruction method referred to as DISINTEGRATION (see: SEM Disintegrators).

For those of you that grew up using office shredders, I can tell you that Disintegrators are clearly different. For the most part, they are industrial looking devices that use a rotary knife mill process that continues to cut material until it is small enough to fall through the holes in a security sizing screen. The screens determine the level of security that you need and will produce particles all the way down to the NSA standard of 3/32”. Security Screens are easily interchangeable to meet any application. The cutting knives can be easily re-sharpened or replaced. It is common to see Disintegrators with a 30 + year life span.

Disintegrators were brought to market by SEM in 1967 primarily for destroying high security Government paperwork. This was and is today, a better in-house alternative to burning documents and provides better internal control than using an outside destruction service. What makes Disintegrators so important to any security program is the versatility that these machines offer.

In today’s world of security, you no longer have just paper to worry about but an array of other forms of media including CD’s, thumb drives, tapes, PC boards, flash media, Solid State Drives & off-spec products that may be manufactured by your company. Disintegrators have gone through somewhat of an evolution to keep up with the requirement to destroy these new products and with continuing new technology, the list of information storage devices will continues to grow.

How a disintegrator works

Bulk paper and various forms of e-media
are easily destroyed in Disintegrator

So the moral to the story is “Don’t Wait, Disintegrate”. It is still the best Time-Tested destruction method out there today for destroying a variety of products.

To witness how a disintegrator works, check out the video at: SEM Disintegrator Video

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