Disintegrators for Destroying Fabric Patches and Uniforms

November 7, 2012 at 1:33 pm by SEM

From time to time I’ve been asked by customers for options to destroy uniforms or sensitive fabric uniform patches.

Fabric materials are challenging to destroy. Most shredders are not equipped to handle them. With shredders, material can bind up in the cutters and wrap around the shafts, creating a big mess. Destroying fabric requires a reliable cutting mechanism and ideally no small shafts for material to wrap around.

One tool that has proven effective for destroying fabric items is an SEM disintegrator

A disintegrator uses a heavy rotor with knives that are much better at cutting through tough materials than shredder cutters. When fabric is fed to a disintegrator, the material behaves a little differently than paper and plastics. The end product tends to be cut much smaller for a given size of particle sizing screen. For the smallest (3/32” or 5/64”) screens, the end product is generally a fluff with no identifiable particle size. Fabric also takes longer to destroy than paper, resulting in much lower hourly throughput.

For light duty uses, like occasional destruction of patches, a small office disintegrator can do the job. For high volume requirements, like full sized uniforms, an industrial style disintegrator is necessary. To find the right size disintegrator and best particle sizing screen can take some analysis and sometimes a bit of testing. I run samples of materials for my customers in various SEM disintegrators to generate real world throughput rates and end product samples.

SEM can assist with finding the right disintegrator to suit just about any fabric destruction requirement. For more information on fabric destruction, feel free to visit our web site at: http:/semshred.com or call SEM at 800-225-9293.

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