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Unlike rotational hard disk drives and other magnetic media, solid state devices (SSDs) cannot be degaussed. Therefore, the only acceptable means of SSD data destruction is physical destruction. Because SSDs store vast amounts of data on small flash memory chips, it is possible to recover data from even small, intact fragments of SSD drives. To eliminate the possibility of data recovery from solid state devices, each and every chip must be damaged or destroyed. Therefore, SSDs should only be destroyed in devices specifically engineered to destroy solid state media, as rotational hard drive shredders produce a larger shred size, creating the possibility that some SSD chips could escape undamaged — leaving large amounts of data intact and recoverable.

SSD crushers are ideal for low volume destruction of solid state hard drives, but may be impractical for smaller solid state devices like thumb drives and compact flash. SSD shredders are recommended for high volume destruction of any type of SSD, from solid state hard drives to cell phone to compact flash to thumb drives. They produce final waste particles of 0.375”, small enough to ensure that the flash storage chips are destroyed. SSD disintegrators provide the most complete chip destruction, highest level of security, and the greatest peace of mind to data center managers. SSD disintegrators continuously cut SSDs until they are small enough to pass through a specified waste sizing screen, with particle sizes as small as the NSA directive of 0.5mm2, making data recovery impossible.

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