HDD/SSD Combo Destroyers

10:13 am Heidi White

HDD/SSD Combo Destroyers

SEM’s HDD/SSD Combo Shredders are single machines capable of destroying both rotational hard drives (HDDs) and solid state drives (SSDs) in one convenient unit. For the destruction of SSDs, the cutting mechanism produces a final waste particle size of 0.375”, small enough to effectively destroy the data storage chips that are found on SSDs. For HDDs, end users are able to choose from three final particle sizes (1.5”, 1.0”, and 0.5”), depending on the level of security required. Rotational hard drive waste sizes must be selected at the time of purchase and cannot be changed in the field.

All SEM hard drive shredders designed for rotational hard drives are referenced in the NSA/CSS Evaluated Products List for Hard Drive Destruction Devices as approved devices for the “deformation of magnetic hard drive platters.”

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