NSA Listed Degaussers

10:29 am Heidi White

NSA Listed Degaussers

Every degausser in this section has been evaluated by the NSA and is listed on the most current NSA Evaluated Products List (EPL). These NSA listed degaussers are suitable for both longitudinal magnetic recorded (LMR) media and perpendicular magnetic recorded (PMR) hard disk drives up to 5000 Oe as well as magnetic tape up to 3,000 Oe.

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    Model EMP-1000HS NSA Listed Degausser

    Up to 570 drives per hour, 2.0 Tesla (20,000 gauss)


  • EMP1000-HS Degausser & iWitness

    Up to 570 drives per hour, 2.0 Tesla (20,000 gauss), auditable destruction verification


  • Model TS-1 NSA Listed Degausser

    2.0 Tesla (20,000 gauss), 45 second cycle


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Degauss and Destroy
Did You Know...


DoD specifications clearly state that hard drives must be degaussed in an NSA listed degausser and then physically destroyed.

To help you meet the DoD specificatons, SEM has created several degauss and destroy value bundles.

  • EMP1000-HS Degausser, 0101 Crusher & iWitness
    Combine the EMP1000-HS NSA Listed Degausser with the Model 0101 NSA Listed Crusher and the iWitness end-of-life documentation tool for a Degauss, Destroy and Document Bundle to completely eliminate high security data from magnetic media in accordance with NSA...
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