Visiting Us – What to Expect

1:18 pm Heidi White

Visiting Us – What to Expect

We encourage our clients to stop by our Machining Center of Excellence and corporate headquarters in Westborough, Massachusetts to see and experience the SEM way. We are a small, Veteran-owned company that takes pride in our quality, innovation, and service, and our facility really shows what it means to be Made in the USA! What makes us unique is what makes us great, and we want to share that with you.

A visit to SEM includes the following:

  • Tour of SEM’s manufacturing facility
  • Hands-on with SEM equipment
  • Evaluate the equipment based on your requirements and needs first-hand
  • Bring your samples for destruction and leave with end-product
  • Destruction samples with engineered, validated results available
  • See advanced prototypes (requires NDA)
  • Factory training with certification – varies by product (range one to three days)
  • Meet the SEM teams: Customer Service, In-House Service Technicians, Traffic, Engineering, Manufacturing, and Assembly
  • Strategy and planning session with SEM management
  • Marketing collaboration discussion (if needed)
  • Experience the competitive differentiation
  • Understand SEM integrity and history
  • Meet our original founder

SEM understands the importance of destroying data and other devices at the NSA evaluated level for over 50 years. After all, SEM is the largest supplier of sensitive information destruction equipment to the federal government and US military inclusive of every American embassy throughout the world. Focused on building end-of-life engineered solutions that are customized and aligned to clients’ needs in the government and data center and beyond, SEM enables clients to maintain control of assets throughout the entire destruction process using in-house equipment engineered for specific media being destroyed.

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